Sponsor a Lamppost 2021
Did you know, we have 108 lampposts in PBNA?

This year we ask you to show your pride by sponsoring a lampost!

$25 buys 1 Wreath for 1 Lamppost

We appreciate you and continue to stay true to our mandate:   
PBNA does not charge dues and we recognize all neighbors who reside within our boundaries as association members.
On Saturday, December 4, PBNA carried on the tradition of decorating our lampposts. This was our primary fundraiser.  We kept PBNA looking festive and fancy thanks to those who sponsored and hung 78 lampposts this season!!!

It's not too late to make a donation* to PBNA this year using PayPal or credit card by clicking the DONATE button below. 
We really 
appreciate your support!

If you prefer to donate* by check, it must be made out to Pilot Block Neighborhood Association and can be dropped off at 175 W Brookline St - side door.

Thank You!
(* Donations to PBNA are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes)
Lamppost Meter