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See Boston City website for the most up-to-date- information:

*Bag trash carefully & securely and leave behind your residence.  No grocery or paper bags.

*Street corner locations on Warren, Tremont are for abutting residents only.  If you abut the alley, please put trash behind your home.  

Put trash and recycling out

Tuesday Pick-up:  Monday after 5pm or Tuesday before 6am
Friday Pick-up:    Thursday after 5pm or Friday before 6am

Early morning is best to minimize spilling and animals

Even if properly secured, some breakage/spillage will occur; Please be a good neighbor and help clean up, even if it's not yours.

Recycling:  Use Clear Plastic bags.  Blue bins are being phased out. 

Do not include recyclables in trash bags. Scavengers will tear the bags open causing spillage.

Recycling Info:

Report violations to the Mayor’s 24 Hour Hotline: 617.635.4500

Domestic Waste Bin
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